Educational Excellence


After ten years on the School Board, Moon has earned a reputation for bringing people together to solve problems. He recently led the effort on the Board to institute a fairer grading system for high school students. Moon also:

  • Worked to maintain one of the finest school systems in America;
  • Supported Fair Grade System;
  • Opposed (only vote against) the purchase of a $100 million administrative building so more money can go into the classrooms;
  • Will always put a priority on our education system.

Responsible Management


Moon cut administrative costs in our school system, targeting more resources directly to classroom education. During these challenging economic times, he is the best candidate to make responsible budget cuts so we can preserve essential county services. Moon will:

  • Make responsible budget cuts while protecting our school system, seniors, and emergency services;
  • Cut administrative costs and will continue to do so;
  • Find ways to do more with less.

Transportation Solutions


Traffic congestion remains our greatest challenge. Moon will fight to finally implement the plan to extend Metro to Tysons and onto Dulles. And he will work to get Fairfax our fair share of state funding for vital road improvements.

  • Support rail to Dulles;
  • Minimize disruption of traffic flow during HOT lanes construction by using traffic calming devices and working with local and state police. We cannot afford major delays and residents must be able to get out of their neighborhoods and onto what might be "cut through roads;"
  • Ensure trees are replanted after construction of HOT lanes to provide a sufficient sound barrier and to protect our neighborhoods;
  • Encourage public transportation.

Other Issues

  • Maintain a high quality of life;
  • More citizen-friendly government services;
  • Continue great constituent services;
  • Never make decisions without hearing from the public first;
  • Create a more small-business-friendly government;
  • Improve the permitting process;
  • Protect the environment;
  • Resolve parking issues in your neighborhood;
  • Work with GMU so that it and its students can be good neighbors;
  • Manage responsible growth;
  • Protect seniors and provide the care they need;
  • Support affordable housing so our teachers, fire fighters, and police officers can live and work in Fairfax County;
  • Expand Braddock Nights concerts (include a local student based concert);
  • Enforce zoning laws and close illegal boarding houses;
  • Make sure the proposed Highway 123 & Braddock Road interchange is seen through;
  • Ensure bus stops are safe throughout the district.