Ilryong Moon is Proud to be Endorsed By

Virginia General Assembly Members

Kristen Amundson   
"I served with Ilryong Moon on the School Board. He is an impressive public servant - hard working, thoughtful, and deeply committed to providing the best education for every child. It is an honor to support his re-election."

Del. Kris Amundson (44th District)
David Bulova
Del. David Bulova
(37th District)

Hon. Leslie Byrne
Chuck Caputo
Del. Chuck Caputo
(67th District)
Adam Ebbin
Del. Adam Ebbin
(49th District)
Bob Hull
Del. Bob Hull
(38th District)
Dave Marsden
Del. Dave Marsden
(41st District)
Brian Moran
Del. Brian Moran
(46th District)
Chap Petersen
Former Del. & candidate for State Senate Chap Peterson
Ken Plum
Del. Ken Plum
(36th District)
Toddy Puller
Sen. Toddy Puller
(36th District)
Dick Saslaw
Sen. Dick Saslaw
(35th District)
Jim Scott
Del. Jim Scott
(53rd District)
Steve Shannon
Del. Steve Shannon
(35th District)
Patsy Ticer
Sen. Patsy Ticer
(30th District)
Vivian Watts
Del. Vivian Watts
(39th District)
Mary Margaret Whipple
Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple
(31st District)

Fairfax County Supervisors

Sharon Bulova   
"I have always been impressed with Ilryong's responsiveness to constituents and his ability to negotiate, putting children first. Ilryong is a person who really cares about our community."

Sharon Bulova (Braddock)
Gerry Connolly
Gerry Connolly
Penny Gross
Penny Gross
Cathy Hudgins
Cathy Hudgins
(Hunter Mill)
Gerry Hyland
Gerry Hyland
(Mount Vernon)
Dana Kauffman
Dana Kauffman
Linda Smyth
Linda Smyth

Former School Board Members

Isis Castro
Isis Castro
Bob Frye   
"I served as an At-Large member of the Board for over 19 years (including two terms as Board Chairman). In all those years, I never served with anyone who was more intelligent, honest, and hard working in the public interest than Ilryong Moon. I am sure that he will continue to be one of the most capable and steadfast board members, providing courageous and balanced leadership to maintain and improve educational opportunities for all of Fairfax County's children."

Robert E. (Bob) Frye, Sr.
Ernestine Heastie   
"I had the pleasure of serving with Ilryong on the Fairfax County School Board. He is a loving father who understands the needs of students and the concerns of parents. As a School Board member he is a conscientious and strong leader who is always accessible to his constituents. I strongly endorse him."

Ernestine Heastie


Fairfax Education Association
SLEEP (Start Later for
Excellence in Education)


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