Our Story


Kendra's Cookies was created as a result of a dream… literally. I awoke from a nap where I dreamed I was designing a cookie web site. I grabbed a pen and a legal pad and began writing down my ideas. Fast forward a few months and my dream has become my business! I couldn't have started this business without the support of my fiancé David, his mother Donna, my "cookies", Lauren & Hannah (featured in my logo), my best friend forever, Cindy, and the creative tech team of Adam & Brooke who designed my logo and web site.


Kendra's Cookies specializes in irresistible gourmet cookies for every taste and occasion. When starting this company, my challenge was to create a unique product from scratch that used high-quality ingredients and could be delivered fresh, with a home-baked presentation. Based on the feedback I've received, I've succeeded in doing that and hope to bring my product from my home to yours.