About Greg

Greg visits with some of the district's younger residents
Greg Galligan is running for Virginia State Senate because he is someone who takes on important fights. Greg is in this fight to protect our quality of life.

Greg is a life-long resident of Virginia's 39th District and Fairfax County. After earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Government at the College of William and Mary, Greg joined the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps, where he served as Black Hawk helicopter pilot for five years. He is still a proud member of the U.S. Army National Guard where he serves as a Captain. As a Legislative Director for U.S. Representative James A. Barcia (D-MI), Greg worked hard to promote legislation for a safer workplace for all working Americans. He is currently the president of his own consulting firm.

Greg has been working to improve our quality of life through the boards he sits on. In 2004 Governor Warner appointed him to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Board and will likely be reappointed for another term by Governor Kaine. He also sits on the Fairfax County Trails and Sidewalks Committee as an At-Large Appointee by Chairman Connolly. Greg has been a member of the Health and Physical Education Curriculum Advisory Committee since being appointed by Janet Oleszek in 2004. Greg is also the Lee School Board Member Appointee to the Lee District Land Use and Transportation Advisory Committee.

Now Greg Galligan is running for Virginia State Senate in the 39th District. Greg has promised to continue to fight for working families, push for tax fairness, support education, improve transportation funding, and to pursue prescription cost controls.

"My experience in the U.S. Army taught me the value of leadership and taking on the critical fights. Now, I am running for State Senate because I can't just sit back and watch as congestion gets worse, funding to education is threatened, and our general quality of life deteriorates. I will be a strong advocate for working families; I will work for our fair share of funding to improve schools and roads. I will fight to preserve our quality of life in Northern Virginia. We've got an important election coming up, and we're in this together - I ask for your support, your time and most importantly your vote. Thank you."

Greg Galligan
Candidate for Virginia State Senate