Photos: Visiting with Brogan and Sophie, Oct. 28, 2006
Mark and Susan brought the twins to visit at Laura's on the eve of the Marine Corps Marathon, and I got to meet my new cousins for the first time! Thanks to Adele for letting me borrow her camera and sending me the photos.

Two pairs of Riley twins!

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twins01102806_small.jpg twins02102806_small.jpg twins03102806_small.jpg twins04102806_small.jpg twins05102806_small.jpg
twins06102806_small.jpg twins06a102806_small.jpg twins06b102806_small.jpg twins07102806_small.jpg twins08102806_small.jpg
twins09102806_small.jpg twins10102806_small.jpg twins11102806_small.jpg twins12102806_small.jpg twins13102806_small.jpg
twins14102806_small.jpg twins15102806_small.jpg twins16102806_small.jpg twins17102806_small.jpg twins18102806_small.jpg
twins19102806_small.jpg twins20102806_small.jpg twins21102806_small.jpg twins22102806_small.jpg twins23102806_small.jpg
twins24102806_small.jpg twins25102806_small.jpg twins26102806_small.jpg twins27102806_small.jpg twins28102806_small.jpg
twins29102806_small.jpg twins30102806_small.jpg twins31102806_small.jpg twins32102806_small.jpg twins33102806_small.jpg
twins34102806_small.jpg twins35102806_small.jpg twins36102806_small.jpg