Nelson/Riley Family Photo Archive

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Nelson family photos

Eric Nelson, age 9 months, Stockholm, 1890 (born 12/12/1889)

The Nelsons (Eric in front), Stockholm, 1894

Eric Nelson and his twin siblings Henning and Inez, Stockholm, 1902

Eric Nelson (back right) with his family, circa 1904

Eric's confirmation photo, Brooklyn, NY, May 1904 (14 years old)

Eric playing the guitar, 1907

Esther Johanssen (Eric's wife, my great-grandmother), 1913 - age 22

Arthur Poole, France, WWI (born 1892)

Hannah Ellen Merrill, born 1834 -
Arthur Poole's maternal grandmother

Robert Nelson, 1925 (born May 1921)

Mildred Poole, graduation, PS 58, Queens, NY - January 1934 (born March 1921)

Bob and Mildred

Robert Nelson, 1943

Mildred Nelson, 1943

Mildred and Bob, 4/3/1943

Mildred and Bob's wedding, 2/1/1943

My paternal greatgrandparents: Esther and Eric Nelson and Blanche and Arthur Poole, 2/1/1943

My grandparents and greatgrandparents, 2/1/1943

Robert Nelson, Souix City, IA, 1944

Fred Steuber and Edna Poole (my grandmother's sister) on their wedding day, 6/9/1945

Pete (my dad) and his parents, circa 1945

Pete and his parents, circa 1945

Pete as a baby

Peter Nelson, 1947

Richard, Roy and Peter Nelson

Richard, Mildred, Bob, Roy, and Pete, Richmond Hill, Queens, NY, 12/4/1949

Peter Nelson, high school graduation, 1962

Peter Nelson, 1966

Peter and Lynne Nelson

Riley family photos

Peter Leo Riley, born 1862

Mary Elizabeth Coffey, born 1/17/1866; married Peter Leo Riley 1/18/1888

Their son, William James Riley, born 10/21/1888

Annie McNeil and Stephen Cheverie, married 1/1/1893

The Stephen Cheverie Family - L to R back row: Laura, James, Anastasia; front: Helen, Annie, Louis, Stephen, Walter, Bernard

Anastasia Cheverie, born 2/13/1896

William James Riley, married Anastasia Cheverie 11/15/1914

Their son, William Stephen Riley, born 7/19/21

William S. Riley, high school graduation

William J. and William S. Riley, U.S. Naval Academy

The three Bills - William S., William J. II, and William J. Riley

William, Josephine, Albert and Mary Elizabeth Lonergan

Josephine Lonergan (Mary Elizabeth's sister and second wife to James Kearney)

James Augustus Kearney, born 1891

Mary Elizabeth Lonergan, born 1896; married James Kearney 8/12/1918

Their daughter, Mildred Kearney, born 4/27/1923 (photo 1941)

Mildred Kearney, 1943

Mildred Kearney

Joan Kearney, Mildred's half-sister

William S. Riley, U.S. Naval Academy graduation

William S. Riley

Mildred's wedding portrait

Bill and Mildred Riley's wedding portrait, 7/10/1943

Mildred and Bill's wedding day, with witnesses J. L. Berry and Isabelle Ahern

Bill and Mildred at the Chryssica's wedding

Bill, Mildred and Billy

Mildred and Billy

Billy, Lee and Lynne (my mom), 1946

Billy (2 years, 4 months) and the twins (11 months) - Christmas card photo, 1946

Mildred has her hands full with the twins and Billy

Lee and Lynne, the Phillippines

Lynne or Lee?

Lynne or Lee?

Lynne and Lee

Billy, the twins, and baby Mark (Christmas card photo)

Billy, the twins and Mark (Christmas card photo)

Lynne, Mark, Mildred, Laura (baby), Billy, and Lee, April 1952 (Inscribed "Our passport photo")

Laura and Mildred

The Riley women: Lynne, Laura, Anna, Lee, and Mildred (rear)

Rear: Lee, Anna, Mildred, Billy; front: Lynne, Laura, Mark

Rear: Mark and Billy; middle: Laura, Mildred, Anna; front: Lee and Lynne

Bill and Jane Riley and their 16 kids

Front: Mark Riley, Blake, Mark Staudt; rear: Sean and Eric; Baton Rouge, circa 1976

Lee's wedding, 1983

Eric and Liz's wedding, 6/22/1991

The famous pose that started it all: the Riley 6 at Eric's wedding, 6/22/1991

The whole Riley clan, Sean's first wedding, 1994

The Riley 6, 1994