August 26, 2008

Devon’s new blankie

Here is the new “blankie” I made for my cousin Devon’s 30th birthday. Her original blankie is tattered and torn, so I thought it’s about time she had a new one!

May 27, 2008

Baby quilt for my nephew

Here is the baby quilt I made for my nephew, who is due in early July. The printed fabrics feature giraffes, tigers, elephants and monkeys, and the color scheme matches his room. I hope he enjoys this blankie for years! I did a lot of quilting back when I was in college (almost 10 years ago) but haven’t done any quilting in the past few years. Doing this quilt has inspired me to do get back into quilting. I’m thinking of my next project, maybe a wall hanging. I also dug out my old fabric stash and found a bunch of quilt squares I had cut out and am thinking of making them into a throw quilt.

Baby quilt 1

Baby quilt 2

Baby quilt 3